Born in Bryson City, North Carolina, Ben was surrounded by beauty at a young age; first in The Smoky Mountains and again on the coast of California in Santa Cruz. At the age of 5, Ben moved to Vermont where he continues to live and study.

Ben’s photos are all different angles and exposures and sum up his growing flexibility and creativity when it comes to finding what he loves best. Ben also takes photos for Montpelier Alive and apprentices with a local photographer.

People that know Ben best would describe him as focused, calm, and passionate about photography. Whether in Montpelier, where he goes to school and works at Capitol Grounds serving ‘the best coffee in town’ or in Cabot to visit his mom, Ben can be found flying drones and taking photos with his newest lense.

Ben is excited to further his studies with Digital Media Arts, using the latest technologies, and in anticipation of technologies to come, he will have all the tools he needs to design and create in both an artistic and professional setting.